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Contract Management

A well managed contract guarantees the development of activities in a safe manner, optimizes resources and eliminates redundancies to generate increased profit margins
Administración de Contratos - Global CM

The development of projects in any industry, such as Mining, Energy and Construction requires many hours to generate agreements both for purchases and services; These agreements must be formalized through contracts that establish the commitments between the parties, both for owners, contractors, subcontractors and other suppliers.

In this scenario, efficient and professional contract administration is very relevant and is a critical success factor for meeting goals and objectives.

Within the scope of Contract Administration, we may include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

Involvement during the study process and risk analysis for hiring strategies.

Involvement during the bidding process.

Involvement in the Execution, Monitoring, Control and Closing stage.


One of the best definitions for Project Management is the one given by the PMI "Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the requirements of the same" PMBok 7th edition

Several adverse conditions, such as tight deadlines, limited or underestimated budgets, and overburdened staff, result in poor, incomplete, and sometimes even unviable projects.

At Global Contract Management we have the experience and academic preparation necessary to help with the management of your project.

Direccion de proyectos - Gllobal CM

We customize our service to meet the specific needs of each Client. We work closely throughout the process, reducing the margins of error, effectively coordinating the available resources to achieve the established goals.

Project Management Principles

Global Contract Management develops its activities in Project Management guided by the 12 principles defined in the PMBok 7th edition

Be a diligent administrator. respectful and careful

Create a collaborative team environment

Effectively engage with stakeholders

Focus on value

Recognize, evaluate, and respond to system interactions

Demonstrate leadership behaviors

Adapt based on context

Incorporate quality into processes and deliverables

Navigating in complexity

Optimize Risk Responses

Embrace adaptability and resilience

Allow change to achieve the intended future state

Projects Performance Domain GCM

Claims, Disputes and Conflicts

Reclamos - Global

Proper handling of disputes and disagreements between the parties prevents the loss of trust, the potential loss of capital and even a deterioration in the relationship with a good partner.

If a dispute is not properly addressed in a timely manner, it can lead to a drain of valuable resources which would otherwise be used in the creation of value.

At Global Contract Management we provide guidance and support for negotiations and appropriate strategies to reach agreements and resolve conflicts.


We propose mitigating solutions.

We propose mitigating solutions.


We provide experienced support in the resolution of conflicts

We provide experienced support in the resolution of conflicts


We anticipate and promptly alert our Clients.

We anticipate and promptly alert our Clients.


We address any potential conflicts in a timely manner

We address any potential conflicts in a timely manner


We provide knowledgable support to resolve complex situations

We provide knowledgable support to resolve complex situations

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