Expert Multidisciplinary Consulting


Global Contract Management

SWe are a group of professionals with vast experience in project development, contract execution and optimization of resources and processes in the various stages of the project / contract life cycle.

Most of our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in project development in the Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction industries, among others.

We have the academic support and experience necessary to train and empower professionals in the areas that interact in Project Management.

We have extensive experience in the multiple specialties that are involved for the timely achievement of the objectives set by the organizations; within which are the following:



To achieve the purpose described in the Mission and Vision, our work team develops services within the framework of the following values, which are established as fundamental pillars of our company.

At Global Contract Management we encourage and demand Respect, both for people, organizations and the environment. We respect freedom of opinion, gender diversity, equal opportunities and human rights.

Dignity and mutual respect is one of our pillars.

At Global Contract Management we do not tolerate any type of discrimination.

La dignidad y el respeto mutuo es uno de nuestros pilares. No toleramos ningún tipo de discriminación.

The development of our services is always carried out with the highest demands of transparency, ethics and honesty.

At Global Contract Management you will always receive honest and reliable advice, no matter how complex the situation.

We develop our services with the highest quality standards, always considering the possibility of continuous improvement. Maintaining an operational discipline day by day, which allows us to carry out our tasks correctly and the first time.

We respond with the best disposition to different challenges and adapt quickly to all kinds of contexts.

We are fully aware of the responsibility we must have in caring for the environment and fully committed to the safety, health and well-being of our team, collaborators and communities.

At Global Contract Management we identify ourselves and make our Client’s objectives our own, we work with a sense of urgency and motivated to deliver solutions that meet and exceed our Client’s expectations.

At Global Contract Management we promote sustainability in the development of activities. We make sure to provide solutions minimizing any impact on the environment, without losing sight of the generation of value.

At Global Contract Management we promote new business models, offering new services and improving processes, to meet the expectations of our Clients.


Advise our Clients in a timely, practical and effective manner, generating and rescuing value for the business. Participating with highly qualified and respectful professionals, both with people and with the environment.


To become a Strategic support of our Clients for the generation of Value.


Quality Politics

Global Contract Management is a Services company in the fields of Integrated Project Management; Strategic Management of Contracts; Contract Audits; Claims, Disputes, Dispute Resolution and Training in related areas. We manage the satisfaction of our clients with services of a high quality standard, complying with the applicable requirements of our interested parties and always committed to the continuous improvement of our processes to achieve the proposed objectives.

We are committed to:


Build long-term relationships with our Clients, delivering a quality service that meets their expectations and adds value through the incorporation of PMI, Lean and Agile methodologies.

Promote the culture of doing things right the first time, having an expert, cohesive and committed team over time. Disseminate comprehensive management throughout the organization.

Systematically improve the processes considered in our Quality Management System and establish human relationships based on Respect, Transparency, Trust and Commitment.

Maintain a competent and suitable team, updated and that seeks the permanent absorption of new technologies in our processes.

Expert and Multidisciplinary Consulting

At Global Contract Management we have a professional team that has an average of more than 20 years of experience participating in the development of Greenfield, Brownfield and Stay in Business projects; Participation in medium and large-scale projects through EP, EPC, EPCM, BOT, BOOT contracts, among others, guarantee the knowledge and experience that allows us to deliver an accurate analysis and recommendation under an expert global perspective.


In addition to this, we have a multidisciplinary group of consultants with vast experience, whose service is activated depending on each case and when the situation requires it. This modality translates into first-rate professional services at low cost.


We also have a solid experience in handling conflicts, claims and controversies; part of our team has participated in important mega contract negotiation processes, obtaining important achievements in the recovery of value.

Among the Clients in which most of our team has participated, either directly or indirectly, we can mention the following: